Caving Web Sites from around the World is the window to my own professional outdoor/conservation/education/eco-tourism photography business.
If you are involved in the business of working with the natural world and need dynamic and specific location photography - please get in touch.

Felicity in Marble Arch by PCW


The Mulu Caves Project - these stunning and often huge jungle caves are in Sarawak's Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo. Western cavers have been exploring them with dramatic sucess since 1978 - these guys were my role models as an novice caver.

(Photo by Jerry Wooldridge)                                

Notch in Clearwater Cave by Jerry Wooldridge


Daren Cilau is a tough and long (very long) cave in South Wales, UK.
This site is full of news and pictures from the mad bunch who camp underground for days on end in order to push deeper into the mountain. There are some stunning formations, and you'd be surprised by the clientele at the Hard Rock Café!

(Photo by Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley)                               Daren Cilau

by Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley